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Friday, April 18, 2014

Birchbox April 2014

I received my April Birchbox (a week or so ago... whoops) but FINALLY get to post my review!  Birchbox is $10/Month and lets subscribers try samples of beauty products.  To Subscribe, please click my link HERE.

I really enjoy Birchbox because they send brands that I am not always overly familiar with and I love to try new things. I even signed up my boyfriend for Birchbox Man (Guest review coming soon!)

I have to say that this box was hit-and-miss for me this month, but the packaging is just too cute.

 This hot pink pillow box caught my eye first. Tucked inside were a Sumita Color Contrast eyeliner in Plum and a Color Club Gala Gems Collection nail polish in "Heirloom Pearls."  I am loving this eyeliner!  It is a very deep purple and goes on nicely.  I also love that it isn't black.  I wear too much black... (don't we all?)  The nail polish is pretty, but I'm not such a fan of white polish and this is very much a pearly white color so it will probably be given to my sister aka my new brand manager.  She has been awarded this title so that she can sample all the products that I don't want to keep...  Pretty sweet gig.

I should preference this by saying that I am pretty picky about my fragrance choices, but Yogini: The scent of liberation is pretty awful.  I couldn't smell it through the packaging so of course I spritzed it on my neck before going out to dinner with my boyfriend and my roommate.  I quickly regretted that decision when my boyfriend told me I "smell like Dillard's."  yep.  This will make you smell like a department store.  I tossed it.  Sorry Birchbox, not a fan.

I love snacks though! so this Kind Maple Pumpkin Seed granola bar was a win. 

Lastly were the Number Four clarifying shampoo and reconstructing mask.  I gave the shampoo a good few tries, but its hard to tell with shampoo if its any better than my current shampoo.  I will say that this is a low-lather formula.  I like a lot of lather, personally, as I like to know its working so I was not a huge fan.  The reconstructing mask is great though!  It made my hair feel so soft!

So there you have it.  Not my favorite but I got to try a few new things and the eyeliner and hair mask were awesome so I guess that sort of made up for the less than desirable products.  I'd give 4 out of 10 stars on this months box.  I still love Birchbox though!

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