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Monday, March 24, 2014

POPSUGAR March 2014 Must Have Box has arrived!

Today was a very exciting day!  I got home to find 4 packages waiting for me on my front step.  I got my March 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have box, my March 2014  Escape Monthly box, and my bi-weekly subscription to Graze waiting for me, along with a box of free products from BzzAgent to review!  This will be a busy week of posts!

 I was so eager to get my very first POPSUGAR Must Have box!  I have been hungrily reading reviews and watching my FedEx tracking code and it finally is here! is a website that describes itself as "Insanely addictive" and it really is.  The site feature celebrity news stories, health and fitness advice, fashion and makeup articles and how-tos, and always features the best new products.  The Must Have box is a collection of products selected by the website's founder and editor in chief, Lisa Sugar, and POPSUGAR trendsetters for $39.99 US per month if purchased monthly, or for a discount if purchased in 3, 6, or 12 month bundles. Click Here to sign up or to learn more  This subscription is jam-packed and definitely gives you bang for your buck... especially because the suggested retail prices add up to a whopping $152.00 and look how pretty the packaging is:

The pink card on top is a pamphlet describing all of the goodies in the box, and there are a lot of goodies in this box.  I ripped open the tissue paper to pull out all of the products:

The first things I pulled out were the Must Have Foods.  I LOVE Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps.  I buy them all the time so I was really excited to get some in my box.  They are crispy snap peas that are baked and salted to this perfect crunchy texture.  You may think I'm crazy for saying this but they are way better than potato chips any day,  seriously.  Try them and you will thank me.  Also included was a "Special Extra" treat, an All-Natural Strawberry Fig Bar from Nature's Bakery.  I'm weird about figs.  I don't like figs normally, but I love Fig Newtons, go figure.  If its figgy-ness is anything like a Fig Newton, I'll probably be a fan so I'm looking forward to trying it.

There were two Must Have Fashion items in this month's box: a beautiful Blue Ikat Scarf from Brokedown (Sugg. retail: $72)  and a sweet Lucky Horseshoe Make a Wish necklace by Dogeared (Sugg. retail: $30).  The scarf is very nice.  I don't wear scarves often enough but this one is so pretty that I will definitely be pinning some new scarf-tying techniques later this evening.  The necklace is a tiny gold horseshoe charm that is supposed to bring you luck.  It is very sweet and comes on a delicate golden/brown thread.  The card reads "This lucky horseshoe will invite good fortune into your life!  When your necklace wears off, your wish is ready to come true."  I think it is darling, but not really my style so I will be gifting it to my sister.

The Must Have Fitness item is one that I've considered purchasing in the past.  I got a bright pink mini exercise ball from ActiveForever (Sugg. Retail: $9.95).  The best part is that you don't need a pump to inflate it because it came with a little plastic straw that fits in the hole and inflates easily by blowing into it.

For Must Have Beauty I received the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum from Jurlique (Sugg. Retail $27).  I love trying out new beauty products and I love that this serum is made from organic ingredients.  This serum promises to "diminish dullness, reduce fine lines, and increase hydration while protecting skin from everyday harshness."  I struggle with dry skin quite frequently and am looking forward to using this product.

My last (and possibly favorite) item is the Must Have Home Elephant Ring Tree from Baublebar (Sugg. Retail $12).  This is the most adorable little accessory and will definitely have a permanent home on my bathroom sink.  Look how sweet it is!  You can stack your rings on his trunk to keep them safe and it is just so tiny and precious.  It is also small enough that it wont make the counter look too cluttered.

 So there it is!  I will definitely be using most of the items.  I wasn't crazy about the necklace, but I know my sister will LOVE it, so I still consider it a win.    If you subscribe,  what was your favorite item?  What do you hope to see next month?

If you are interested in subscribing,  Click Here to subscribe or to check out more of what POPSUGAR has to offer.

** All Opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of POPSUGAR.  I am a subscriber to this service and was not compensated for this post ** 

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