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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Escape Monthly March 2014 Ireland!

 Destination: Ireland!
I could really use a vacation! I am really excited to share my Escape Monthly box for March 2014.   I saw a Groupon last month good for one Escape Monthly box for about half price, so of course I jumped.  I had been wanting to try it but the price tag on this one was a little intimidating.  I paid $24.99 for this box, but the regular price is $49.95 U.S. per month.  I really enjoyed it though so I might just  keep it going.  Next  month is Mexico and I could go for a beach just about any day.  Every Month the company even includes a Surprise Vacation to the selected destination for one lucky subscriber.  I didn't win, but you can bet your biscuits I searched that box just to make sure!

Yes, Yes I do deserve it!

This box has a lot of treats straight from Ireland.  While most of the items are food items, there was also a high quality all-in-one family remedy cream, a packet of shamrock seeds, and a travel book about living abroad in Ireland.

I forgot to take a close up of the Hogan's Irish Soda bread but that is the food product I am most excited about.  I like that I get to make it myself.  I love to cook, but baking is not my strong suit. I am not ashamed to admit that I am much better at baking from a box than baking from scratch, so I'm looking forward to bragging about baking bread.   I brought the Butler's Mint Truffle chocolate bar to work with me and it was delightful.  I'm not really a huge fan of shortbread, but my boyfriend is smiling through a mouth of crumbs and gaving me a thumbs up while eating the O'Neils Shamrock Shortbread, so I guess that's a good sign.

I am a caffeine junkie through and through, so I am very excited about the Bewley's Irish Cream coffee and Gift of the Gab tea bags.  I just enjoyed my morning cup of coffee with a little Baily's added in as well.  It was delightful.  I might buy more of this coffee, it really is very good.

The big-ticket item in this box is a full size tube of Human + Kind all-in-one family remedy cream.  I love that this is made from all-natural ingredients and can be used for multiple skin issues including scars and stretch marks, sunburn, brittle nails, razor burn and more.  I have been using it on my dry cuticles and on a small cut on my hand and it seems to be working pretty well.

I smiled really big when I saw this.  I honestly don't know the difference between clover and shamrocks so I googled it and learned that a shamrock is actually a species of clover which has only 3 leaves.  I haven't yet decided where to plant 500 shamrock seeds but I'm sure I'll find a good spot.

The last item in the box is a travel guide called Living Abroad in Ireland by Christina McDonald.  I'm not sure if I will ever make it to Ireland, but it will be nice to pretend.

Overall I was pleased with the box, although I do wish that most of the items weren't food items. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give this box a 6.  It is nice to treat myself to goodies from far away, but I think if I had paid full price I might have been slightly disappointed.  I do think the box was a good value in spite of that and it is nice to be treated with unexpected surprises.  I also love reading travel books even if I don't plan to visit. (I'm a nerd like that, and I'm okay with it!)  I will definitely still get the April Mexico box before I make any decisions about keeping this subscription.

If you are interested in subscribing, Sign up here:

Do you subscribe to Escape Monthly?  If so, how does this compare to past month's destinations?

Happy Travels,

** All Opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Escape Monthly.  I am a subscriber to this service and was not compensated for this post **

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